Website Guidelines

Website Guidelines

Evening all, here are a few guidelines to bear in mind when using the website.

You Must Consent

I’ve had to reject a few applications to register because the applicant has not given us consent to process their application. Unfortunately under new GDPR rules you must provide this consent or we cannot register you in the system and your registration application will be deleted.

In general, throughout your whole time at cadets it is important to read every form in detail, failure to do so can cost you dearly. For example we have had cadets on camp offered a flying spot but not been able to take it up because their parents have not signed the consent to fly box.

Cadets Must Apply For Events Themselves

If you are parent you should no longer have the ability to register your child on an event. There are two reasons for this.

The first is we encourage cadets to take responsibility for themselves. This is part of the process of growing up into an independent adult and cadets are of an age where they need to start taking responsibility for their own success or failure. Being organised and self-sufficient are some of the traits we seek to build within the RAF Air Cadets. While no doubt some will struggle and some will miss events through their own inaction, having enough room to make mistakes without serious consequence is part of learning process of how to take care of themselves. Self organisation is an important life skill.

Fear not, parents can still view the events and give their ward a gentle nudge in the right direction. As a parent, you should find that from now on for most events you do not even see the option to register anymore and will see a message similar to the ‘the event is closed for booking’. Depending on timing, the event should still be bookable by the cadets themselves.

The second reason is we want to use the list the system generates as a list of cadets that are attending.

Allow Time to Process Applications

Please bear in mind we are not open full-time, all of the staff are volunteers and have busy jobs and lives of our own. Applications should be made as early as possible. Note your application is not accepted until it has been manually approved and you have received confirmation. There is a real risk if you try to apply for an event a couple of days beforehand it will not be approved in time. Its also important to note for wing events we have to send your applications off well in advance too.

About the Author

Sgt Parkes is the squadrons Media Officer and has been involved with cadets since 2011. He is head of a specialised consultancy practice leading a team of 20 consultants. His other interests include competitive dancing, photography and military history.

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