As you would expect, flying is a big part of what we do within the RAF air cadets. Sadly due to limited places this isn’t as frequent as we would like but most cadets will get the experience to fly within the first two years of their cadet careers. Sometimes more than once.

Historically, a big part of this was gliding however for several years the volunteer gliding schools (VGS) the RAF Air Cadets operate have been closed due to preventative maintenance measures. About half of the VGS have re-opened with a smaller number of aircraft recently and we expect to have cadets back in the air shortly. In the meantime, this doesn’t mean we have left cadets grounded and they are given the opportunity to fly the Grob tutor.

The Grob is a small two person powered aeroplane designed for teaching flying. Cadets are usually given opportunity to take the controls, under the watchful eye of our amazing volunteer instructors. These instructors truly are the best of the best and many are ex or currently serving military pilots. Play your cards right and they may even take you through a few evasive manoeuvres!

Air experience doesn’t end here. Its quite common when attending a week long camp to catch a lift in a Chinook helicopter or other military transport and whilst its rare, its not unheard of for the odd lucky older cadet to get a ride in a fast jet.