20/03/2020 - 22/03/2020    
6:15 pm - 6:00 pm


HMS Excellent
Whale Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 8ER, South West

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This event has been cancelled.

As some will already be aware, the Progressive Training Syllabus Weekend set to take place over the weekend of 20th to 22nd March has been cancelled. This is following the decision from the hosting base (HMS Excellent) to cancel all Cadet activities taking place on the base until May. This is part of the precautions put in place by the base in light of the current situation with the virus, COVID-19.

**Booking is now closed for this event**


Apply >> here << (OR BID ON THE CADET PORTAL)

1. Introduction
The HIoW Wing PTS weekend will take place in HMS Bristol located in HMS EXCELLENT, Whale Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 8ER from Friday 20th February – Sunday 22nd February 2020.

2. Courses
The following courses are planned to take place during the weekend

Youth First Aid (Bronze First Aid)
This course is designed to train under 16s how to do First Aid through the St John’s Ambulance YFA Qualification.
Qualification lasts for 3 years upon completion.
– Must be aged between 12 – 15, must not be 16 before the end of the weekend.

– Must have Blue Heartstart Badge (if you do not hold Heartstart and would like to do this course, please talk to the staff).

Radio Operator (Bronze Radio)
This course is designed to train Cadets to be Radio Operators.
– Must be aged 14+.
– First Class Classification.
– Blue Comms Badge (if you do not hold Blue Comms and would like to do this course, please talk to the staff).

Radio Communicator (Silver Radio)
This course is designed to train Cadets to be Radio Communicators.
– Must be aged 15+.
– Leading Classification.
– Bronze Comms Badge.

Bronze Leadership
This course is designed to train Cadets in Bronze Leadership.
– Must have been a Cadet for 1 year or more.
– Blue Leadership Badge, held for at least 6 months.

Silver Leadership
This course is designed to train Cadets in Silver Leadership.
– Must have been a Cadet for 2 years or more.
– Bronze Leadership Badge, held for at least 6 months.

The courses offered on this weekend provide the second or third stage in the progressive training syllabus.

3. Aim
The aim of the Cadet Training Weekend is to provide access to elements of the Progressive Training Syllabus, to improve inter-Squadron relations whilst providing exposure to a military establishment.

4. Application
The application must be with the Adjutant no later than 1st March. You can apply >> here << (OR BID ON THE CADET PORTAL)

5. Travel arrangements.
Transport has been arranged from Farnborough Sqn HQ driven by a Sqn member of Staff.
Friday 20th March:
Arrive at the Sqn at 1815hrs, with all items needed for the course. Transport will be leaving the Sqn at 1825hrs.
Sunday 22nd December:
Transport will be arriving back at the Sqn at approx. 1800hrs, Cadets will keep Parents updated through the use of mobile phones.

6. Cost
Camp Costs stand at £6 to be Paid to the Squadron by 12th March. Please do not take the monies to the Camp as they will not accept it.

7. Food
All meals from Saturday morning (breakfast) until Sunday lunch will be provided for. Dietary requirements must be declared on the application form.

8. Equipment requirements
(The below is extensive but not exclusive. If you would like to bring other items in addition, please do so.)
Link hereMarch PTS Weekend Annexes

9. Camp Working Hours
The PTS weekend is a camp in which a high volume of information and training will be delivered. Cadets should arrive suitably alert for the weekend’s activities. If you are expecting that your prior week’s plans may affect your receptiveness to training, please discuss this with Sqn staff prior to application or attendance.

10. Dress
Dress for the camp will depend upon the course. The correct, well-presented uniform should be worn for the duration of the camp as directed by the programme.

11. Accommodation
For the duration of the camp, cadets will be in ship’s mess deck dormitory-style accommodation. Males and females will be accommodated separately with separate ablutions. Staff will have separate accommodation and ablutions. Due to the traversing of ladders to access accommodation, anyone with pre-existing medical mobility issues should inform the Squadron ASAP.

12. Valuables
Cadets are advised not to bring excessively valuable items on camp. If cadets do bring valuable items or large sums of money they are strongly advised to bring a padlock, preferably a combination lock to secure valuables. Valuables will not be held by staff.

13. Photographs
The camp is MOD property there are no current restrictions on the use of cameras on site, however, no images are to be posted on any open social media site without prior approval of a member of staff. Personnel are also reminded that any imagery taken on an MoD site is the property of the MoD and may come under their scrutiny and rights of release. Permission is to be sought from all persons in shot prior to capture.

14. Training Programme
(This is a draft Training Programme and may be subject to change.)
Link hereMarch PTS Weekend Annexes

15. Recreational Facilities
The training programme is a fast pace with minimal free time on the programme. However, during this free time cadets will have access to the common room. Areas are available outside (ashore) for playing ball sports. Cadets will only be allowed off the ship with permission of the duty member of staff.

16. Spending Money
All food and activities are included in the cost of the camp. Cadets may wish to take additional spending money to cover drinks and/or snacks during social time. They may also wish to purchase souvenirs. Cadets should not plan to take bring large sums of money.

17. Religious Requirements
Any Cadets with religious requirements should make themselves aware to a member of staff on the camp at the easiest opportunity.

18. Cadet Consent Forms
All Cadets are required to complete and submit TG Form 021 (and TG Form 023 if applicable) upon arrival at Camp.

19. Cancellations and Non-attendance
If you can no longer make it contact the Squadron at the earliest opportunity at adj.457@aircadets.org .
– If you provide less than 1 weeks notice OR fail to attend the training weekend, those individuals will still be accountable for the full cost of the training weekend.

20. Medical Conditions/Facilities
Any cadets requiring medication should ensure they bring sufficient quantities for the duration of the weekend. This is particularly relevant to Asthma sufferers. All medication prescribed or not should be recorded on the cadets TG Form 023 consent form.

21. Hygiene
The Wing Training Weekend is an intensive camp and hygiene is particularly important. Rounds will be conducted on your accommodation during instructional periods with cadets not in attendance.
– Mess Deck Hygiene
The senior cadet in each Mess Deck will be responsible for the cleanliness of that compartment. They are to ensure that all clothing and equipment is stowed in an orderly manner. Rubbish bins
are to be emptied when full.
– Personal Hygiene
All personnel are to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene on camp. Showering is to be undertaken every day. Sufficient clean clothing should be brought for the duration of the

22. Smoking and Alcohol
Cadets will not be permitted to smoke. No cadet will be permitted to consume alcohol for the duration of the camp. Any cadet found to be under the influence of alcohol or smoking will be asked to leave; this will result in travel home having to be arranged by that cadet’s parent or guardian at their expense.

23. Emergency Contact
Cadets will have sufficient time on most evenings to contact home if desired. Please be aware, due to the construction of the ship, whilst onboard cadets and staff may appear uncontactable.

Apply >> here << (OR BID ON THE CADET PORTAL)

Use this link download a printable version of the following:
– Course programme (All Courses)
– Kit List
– HMS Excellent Map
– Pheonix Fire Fighting Training Building

PDF hereMarch PTS Weekend Annexes

Documents needed to attend:
TG Form 021 (Cadet Consent Form)
TG Form 023 (Medical Declaration) (if applicable)
– 3822
– £6 to the Squadron by the 12th March

About the Author

I joined Farnborough Squadron in May 2011 as a Cadet and rose through the ranks, reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) in Aug 2016. I joined the Staff team in Feb 2018 as a Civilian Instructor (CI) and have since been promoted to Sergeant (Sgt) following a week at RAF College Cranwell in July 2019. My roles at Farnborough Squadron are: Squadron Adjutant | DofE Leader | Range Conducting Officer (RCO)

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